Bio-Mos for Dogs

BIO-MOS for Dogs

What is Bio-Mos?

Bio-Mos is the original natural solution to intestinal health issues. It promotes good bacteria and builds natural defenses there by maximizing animal performance and profitability. Gastrointestinal (GI) health and integrity are essential for overall companion animal health and performance. Bio-Mos represents an advanced form of biological modifiers for intestinal microflora and is produced by a proprietary process developed by Alltech to meet modern pet food industry requirements.

Bio-Mos is derived from the cell wall of a select strain of yeast. With a market presence of more than 13 years and over 500 trials, Bio-Mos is the brand scientifically proven to support the intestinal health of companion animals.


Maintaining GI health is important for companion animals during all phases of life. Balancing gut microorganisms is crucial. Bio-Mos offers pet food manufacturers a natural and safe way of encouraging this balance.

Documented research has demonstrated that Bio-Mos:

  • Maintains GI health and integrity
  • Benefits young, adolescent and senior pets
  • Performs during periods of stress

Recommended Uses

Maintenance & Growth: 4.4 lbs/ton 2 kg/tonne
Therapeutic Diets: 8.8-13.2 lbs/ton 4-6 kg/tonne
Puppy Diets: 8.8-13.2 lbs/ton 4-6 kg/tonne

Complete Dry Cat Food: 4 lbs/ton 2 kg/tonne