Selplex for Dogs

SEL-PLEX for dogs

What is Sel-Plex?

Sel-Plex is an exclusive form of organic selenium scientifically proven for use in animal nutrition. The product is composed of selenium enriched yeast in the form of seleno amino acids, the same form found in plants. Sel-Plex is absorbed and metabolized as an amino acid, with no adverse interaction with other minerals in the diet.

Mode of Action

Selenium is an essential element for glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px) antioxidant enzyme activity. GSH-Px, together with vitamin E and other antioxidant agents, helps to reduce the harmful effects caused by peroxidative reactions in body cells. Additionally, selenium reacts with toxic metals such as lead, cadmium and arsenic, producing biologically inert compounds. Among the many functions of selenium, it is key to the activity of thyroid hormone, by means of the selenoprotein iodothyronine 5 – deiodinase (IDI).

Selenium is also responsible for selenoprotein-P transportation. Selenoprotein-P is an essential component of the spermatic capsule, and in it’s absence, fertility is impaired (Arthur, 1994). Feed ingredients contain variable selenium concentrations, and it is known that most of them are selenium deficient. Physiological requirements for selenium are relatively low, but when deficiency of this mineral occurs, the antioxidant system is compromised, with severe consequences for the health and welfare of the companion animal.


Sel-Plex provides a natural, traceable and safe source of organic selenium in Good 4 Life products. As the specific form of organic selenium in Sel-Plex is better absorbed and retained, Sel-Plex thus provides an array of benefits to companion animals. Among the clinical symptoms presented by selenium deficient animals are muscular weakness, subcutaneous edema, anorexia, depression, dyspnea, and eventually comma. Additionally, the selenium deficiency causes cardiac and skeletal muscular degeneration conditions, and reproductive failure.