Chuck Wilson

Chuck WilsonI am a Regional Sales Manager for Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi.

I enjoy working for NutriSource for two reasons: I get to talk to people about dogs all day long. And KLN is a family owned company, but the company is a family. There are so many positives about the working environment it’s hard to know where to begin. I am proud to be part of the KLN team.

My furry family members are: Llewellin Setters, Rhodie: has hunted 9 species of wild birds in 10 different provinces and states of North America, Rocky: the first Llewellin Setter to win an American Field open breed trial in 47 years, Knikki: the veritable energizer bunny, a very complete bird dog who only knows one thing…GO, Mali: a firecracker in a small package, Jewel: a loveable renegade with long legs and a big heart, Fearless: as a puppy, we found her gnawing on her chewing her first toy, a horse’s hoof… still attached to the horse. I also have an English Cocker, Bear: a cute and spunky little wiggle bottom who does the flushing & fetch work for the Setters.

In evenings, I enjoy reading about history and politics. On weekends, I am either trialing or hunting or training my Llewellin Setters. I also try to stay active in church and community affairs, most notably serving as the Chairman of the Service Academy Review Board for our local congressman, where each year I am inspired to see some truly amazing young men and women volunteer to serve our country. I also am a board member for a national field trial association, which gives me lots of opportunities to see some really great bird dogs.

My favorite product is NutriSource Adult. In a lineup that includes Pure Vita, with holistic single-source protein structure, and Natural Planet, with its organic and non-GMO features, and grain-free varieties of every option, a plain old chicken & rice seems almost retro technology. Yes, vanilla is my favorite flavor of ice cream, but I’m not being sentimental. NutriSource Adult WORKS! I prepare my hunting dogs in a conditioning program that includes regular roading exercises covering 10-12 miles per session, to prepare them for horseback trial competition where they run head-up against another dog for an hour, or for hunting wild birds in rough, rocky West Texas in front of moving vehicles. Only sled-dog competition is a more challenging test. Simply put, NutriSource Adult outperforms the competition.