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I have tried every brand of dog food out there for my German shepherd who has digestive problems and weird reactions to dog food. The town I live in recently opened up a new feed store and they carry your brand. I had never come across your brand before but the owner said it was the best dog food out there. I can't believe the difference in her on your food, it's amazing. No gas, no diarrhea, no scratching, and she eats all her food in the dish. I just wanted to thank you guys, it's a relief to find a dog food she does well on. Thanks.

Naples, ID

We have not tried Natural Planet on our old Yellow Lab girl.  We feed her NutriSource Grain Free and she’s doing fabulous on it.  Just took her to the vet and she got a clean bill of health (other than being spoiled) at age 12.  Her coat is better, more spunk and a lot less gassy (phew!) since we started feeding her your brand.

Stillwater, MN

I just started feeding NutriSource grain free about 6 weeks ago to my 2 spoiled German Shepherds. I love the results I am getting. My lean guy is starting to flesh out and my boy from Czech lines is holding a good weight and not getting fat. I have noticed more energy, smaller waste, and less doggie breath. I switched brands after doing research on grain free foods. I am very pleased to be able to purchase this food in my area. And I thought the food I was feeding was premium, the price was but the ingredients were not. Again, kudos to you from two very happy GSD's.


I have a 10 yr. old picky Pit bull with a sensitive stomach, and a 9 year old Olde Boston Bulldog with allergies and a sensitive stomach. I have tried every high end dog food known to man. Finally a salesgirl at our local feed store recommended NutriSource. OMG! For the first time in my Pitties life, he looks forward to eating, has not had any loose stools, and NO gas with either dog! I am on my 5th bag of Lamb Meal and Rice and am so excited with this dog food that I recommend it to everyone. My sister has 2 finicky Yorkies, and they love it too. When I first switched over, I wasn't able to mix with previous food, as that food was making them sick. So I had to cold turkey change over and NO problems. Keep up the good work. After 10 long frustrating years of food changes, you now have a customer for life. My dogs THANK YOU!


My cat Capone was put on NutriSource dry cat food after developing a bladder/UTI. I also began to supplement his diet with NutriSource canned cat as well. He loves your chicken, turkey, and lamb flavor so much! He is free of discomfort and looks great. He gets so excited at mealtimes and digs right in. Thanks for making a quality, affordable product that helps my cat feel his best. I really appreciate it, and so does Capone! 

St. Clair, MI

Hi! I spoke to you early February in Miami, OK, at a pet expo about the NutriSource brand. You had given me several samples and coupons and I did start my dogs on the brand. I just wanted to drop a line to say Thank You! I really appreciated you speaking with me about the food, what to look for on ingredients, and helping me understand what they were getting in their food. I have had my dogs on NutriSource for about a month now and I am seeing vast changes in their bodies. Their color is changing from ashy to healthy. Their coats are less coarse and much brighter. Their weight is maintaining so well. I had such a hard time keeping weight on my Weimaraner and keeping weight off my Mix. Now they are staying at a much healthier weight. Their waste is much better. I am so happy that I gave this brand a chance and I just wanted to say Thank You so very much for helping me with the switch. I can't even begin to tell you how grateful I am for your information. 

Miami, OK

"Friendly service, great products, comfortable, clean and inviting store. I also couldn't be more pleased with their recommendation to switch my 3-year-old Collie to NutriSource. She is like a different dog. She has more energy than ever, wanting to play and run all the time, and her bowel movements are easy and regular. Within a couple weeks of being on NutriSource, my Collie who didn't have then endurance to run a mile with me was running along my side without ever falling behind or lagging. She has also gained about five needed pounds, and her coat is so much healthier. I couldn't be more pleased! My dad also switched his 9-year old Collies to NutriSource and is dumbfounded by the difference. One of our rescue Collies never ran, could barely hold her head up after we got her, and although she had improved, was still weak and slow. Now she runs in the backyard, jumps, plays, and even beats the other dog in the house sometimes. It's really quite a shocking difference."

Chicago, IL

"Thank you for producing such a great dog food! I started feeding my dogs NutriSource almost four years ago and have been extremely pleased with its quality AND price point. When I got my dog, I used the Whole Dog Journal's February food issue to evaluate what dog food I would use. Your brand stood out because of its quality and the Journal's recommendation, plus it's made in Minnesota. Now I'm feeding two dogs with NutriSource and they both thrive. I've turned several of my dog-owning friends from using other brands to now feeding their dogs NutriSource. I continue to recommend it to anyone who wants to hear! Keep up the great work and don't ever sacrifice for the quality you produce." 

St. Paul, MN

"We met your sales rep in a local store this past summer and he gave us sample bags of Nutrisource Dog Food. We just wanted to tell you how much our dogs love the food, they have been eating it ever since. We had had problems with other brands of food we had tried, but no more....they gobble Nutrisource right up!" 

Levittown, PA

"We've changed our 8-month old Yellow Lab over to Nutrisource and it’s been incredible the change we've seen! Not only are his urinary issues cleared up, but he just can't get enough of the food! The other day when I was trying to pour the food from the bag into his container, he nearly knocked me over to get his head into the bucket! I would say that means he not only likes it, he loves it! Thanks for a great food! I am proud that it is made right here in Minnesota, too!"

Elk River, MN

"You have a great product. I'm proud that it is made in Minnesota. I have switched my two dogs over to NutriSource and I am very happy with what I am seeing from my dogs. My female, who is a very fussy eater, just devours the Adult Chicken & Rice Food. I am looking forward to this hunting season as I am sure your product will perform. I have and will continue to recommend your product to other dog owners."

Maple Lake, MN

"Your Adult Chicken & Rice has made a huge difference in my 5 year old German Shepherd's life. He has had difficulty maintaining his weight; at one point he was at 68 pounds. I have tried different types of dry food for him but until I discovered yours, I resigned myself to having a dog who looked undernourished. He is not at 82 pounds and maintaining. He looks terrific and his vet is impressed. Thank you for creating this dog food. It will continue to be in my dog's bowl."

Marshfield, WI

"I've just started using your Large Breed Puppy formula and this is the first time my dogs have ever cleaned their bowls at feeding time! Both of my puppies just love NutriSource! Great Job!"

Wappello, IA

"I just wanted to thank you for making dog foods that are safe and healthy for my dog. With all of the recalls and poor ingredients used by the bulk of the pet food industry, it is nice to see you are not included with this mess. My puppy is a big part of my family and now I am more assured and confident that I made the right choice. Thank you, NutriSource!"

Willernie, MN

"It's wonderful having a company that not only supplies great pet foods, but is there to answer questions and stands behind their products. As a breeder of Show Anita’s, it is very important to find the right products that bring out the best in my Anita’s. I love the results I see in my Akita's health and coats. I find your products to be great in quality and price."

Ionia, MI

"I have been using NutriSource for a little over three years now and I am a believer. My dogs look like they could run a marathon and then wrestle a bear. They look strong, healthy and most importantly, happy. The feeding amount suggestions you have printed on the bag are right on and really allow the dogs to grow flawlessly. Thank you very much!" 

Phoenix, AZ

"I love this dog food and my Rottweiler’s look great. I get lots of compliments. My females keep their weight as well as my male. No oil on the coat. I have people calling when they see our website and ask what we feed our dogs because they look great! I hope I can always trust in your product to be the best for my pets."

Gaylord, MN

"I want to take time to personally thank you for the high quality food you produce....being listed on the top 100 recommended foods from Whole Dog Journal is very important to me. I cannot tell you how HAPPY I am I made the switch to NutriSource. I am relieved that your product does not contain wheat gluten."

Wrightstown, WI

"I am writing to tell you that I believe in your food! I have two dogs. I was having problems with their skin and hair. Since they have been eating NutriSource, they have never been better." 

Kentville, Nova Scotia

"Just wanted to let you know that I started your food yesterday. I have never seen my dog get excited about her dog food until this morning. She loves it and we will continue to be customers." 

Norwalk, IA

"I put NutriSource in with my dogs food and they would sort around and eat the NutriSource. My main dog l had been having trouble with allergies on the other food. Since switching to NutriSource, he has had no trouble with the allergies. My dogs have better stamina, recover quicker and kennel cleanup is so much better now. I travel with them to sheep/cattle trials and would usually get one or two that would either go off their feed or get upset stomachs. That looks to be a thing of the past with your product. Thank you so much for putting such a great product out there for us!"

Allen, SD

"Our 12 year old Sheltie has been fed NutriSource for one month and the improvement in mobility and all around health has improved dramatically."

Hutchinson, MN

"I just wanted to let you know that we love your NutriSource products. Your Adult brand of food is excellent. Our dogs' coats shine and they are very healthy. Thanks for this good product." 

Browerville, MN

Wow, does my dog ever like your food! I was going to mix it in with the old food to get her used to it, but before I could add the old stuff, she had gobbled up the NutriSource I had put in the bowl." 

Shoreview, MN

"I want to thank you for formulating a great product, NutriSource! His coat is super shiny, he is growing extremely healthy, and he loves the food." 

St. Paul, MN

"I started my Shepherd mutt on NutriSource about 5 years ago, she was having chronic diarrhea from other foods. I found that the NutriSource’s formula saved my baby girl. After that Baxter (Jack Russell) came along and got the puppy formula and never had a problem! Then, 2 years after Baxter we brought home Katie, another Jack Russell, she started the puppy instantly and again never any problems! Baxter was a hyper dog and could not gain weight. We put him on the puppy formula and he is super BUFF now!! I work in a pet store and can honestly say that I have recommended your food to HUNDREDS of people with Labs and Shepherds that have tummy trouble like my Callie and the outcome has been phenomenal. Your food has even put a Black Lab back into the field trial circuit! Now, the Pure Vita Salmon and Potato formula, and the Duck and Oatmeal have been tried in this house! I have also recommended this food to customers and am selling it out faster than any food in our store! My baby’s coats look absolutely beautiful because of the Salmon and Potato Pure Vita food! Thanks for the excellent food! It saved my oldest dog’s life once and helped keep my other 2 babies healthy! And now, I can extend that onto customers to help their dogs. I will be starting on the cat formula once my kitten is old enough. Thanks again!!"

Manitoba, Canada

"I wanted to send a word of thanks regarding NutriSource for Senior’s. Over the past number of years we had watched our dog, Gracy, start to age and begin to "go downhill". As a pup she had both hips replaced due to hip dysplasia. We thought her slowing down was due to age (she is 13) and the effects of the extensive early surgery. Her fur, which had always been shiny, looked dull and was covered in dandruff. She had difficulty moving around and never wanted to play. A year ago, on the advice from our Pet Store owner, we switched her dog food to NutriSource for Senior’s. What a change!! We have seen her go from a listless and tired old lady, to a rambunctious playful pup. Her fur is beautiful and shiny, with no dandruff. She is back to wanting to play catch and has hardly any difficulties getting around. Thank you so much for your product. We have recommended it to all of our friends. Keep up the great work." 

Winnipeg, MB

"I have 3 dogs, 2 Labs, ages 10 and 8, and a Shih-Poo, age 14. The Labs have been raised on NutriSource, and the Shih-Poo was formerly a very finicky eater until I started feeding her NutriSource. I'm happy to report that all 3 dogs are extremely healthy. The 10 year old Lab is very large, (not fat, just big), but shows no signs of arthritis or slowing down at all. The other Lab, age 8, is still running with me. The Shih-Poo is still going strong, acting as though she's a puppy. It must be the food! That's all they get, no people food, no treats. And they still get very excited when I put it in their bowls. Thanks for making an extraordinary product! I do tell all my friends who have dogs about this wonderful food. I love the fact that it's made right here in MN. Keep up the good work!" 

Savage, MN

"My dogs suffered from runny stool and your NutriSource adult cured them. My two dogs rotate between all your foods- Pure Vita, & Natural Planet organics is great. Compostable bag is awesome!"

Sedro Woolley, WA

I've been meaning to tell you we've tried NutriSource grain free, large breed chicken for a couple of the dogs. OMG, amazing & dramatic results.

Des Moines, IA

Hi there, our dog Sadie (Golden Retriever) has food allergies and the only food she can eat is the NutriSource/PureVita Salmon & Potato formula. Ever since we started her on the formula (1 1/2 years ago) we noticed a huge improvement with her. This food has definitely saved us money as we no longer need to have monthly vet appointments and prescriptions to get rid of yet another infection. Sadie is such a wonderful dog! She brightens even the gloomiest of days and is so wonderful with the kids!!! Have a great day.


We rescued our dog from the local shelter when she was a puppy and now she is 3 years old. We have tried her on numerous dog food brands because of her very sensitive GI tract. NutriSource has so far been the only dog food that she can tolerate. She has kept her weight within the normal range and our friends would comment on how healthy she looks as well as how pretty and shiny her coat is.

Portage, MI

I have never written to a pet food company before; however, I had to take time out to let you that I am so impressed with your dog food. I have recommended it to other pet owners. I have a Lab, a Golden Doodle and a German shepherd; and, for the first time, they all eat the same food. I noticed how great they looked when they spent time at the pet resort. Their coat was shiny and they looked so healthy; especially my 9 year old year Lab. I switched from a popular brand to NutriSource when they came home and have been using it ever since. I love the result! 

I just wanted to take a moment just to say thank you for a wonderful product. After a year of trouble with other foods. I came across your large breed adult formula. I have two great Danes, Zeta and Minxae Jinxae, they have both been on your formula for 8 months now and are doing fantastic. Their coats are glossy, health is great, and even better....stools are nearly perfect! So, thank you so much for a quality healthy product. 33lbs. Every 10 days! Worth every extra penny.

Village, OH

I have two German Shepherds from a rescue organization that LOVE your large breed chow! The younger dog was malnourished when we brought her home, and with your large breed chow has put on 10 lbs. and her coat now looks terrific. Westside German Shepherd Rescue was really amazed at the transformation. I'm so glad that Gelson's carries it, because it is hard to find. 

San Marino, CA

I would just like to say that I raised both of my cats from them being kittens until they are both full grown cats (both over 2 years old) and neither one of them have had any health problems. This I do believe is because of the quality of your product! Thank you! 

Lansing, MI

Thank you so much for your wonderful NutriSource Super Premium Pet foods, large breed puppy. My sweet Golden Retriever, Bella, is four months old and my vet says she is thriving!! (more…)

I am so happy I found this dog food for my show dogs...I have tried so many different foods and have done a lot of research on foods. I was having a problem with all the others and your food has by far been the best, my dogs have more weight, more coat and they love every bite of the NutriSource. Thank you for making such a great dog food.

Marietta, IL

I breed and show Golden Retrievers and have for the past 30 years. Over those 30 years I have tried all kinds of different foods. Reps at the dog shows would talk me into trying their "wonder" food and sadly while it wasn't a bad food it wasn't a wonder food. We moved a few years ago to a rural area where good dog food was hard to find and if we could find it the price was twice as high as in the metro city areas. A good friend told me about your food and told me to find it. I did. That was over a year ago. Now all my puppies go home on this food. My dogs are the best they have ever been on this food! I can't say enough good things about it so I am not going to try in this letter. I am just writing to ask you to never change. Please don't sell out to a big corporation. I need this food to be around for the rest of my life.

Kalkaska, MI

My 7 year old Boston Terrier Ruthie has been eating NutriSource Chicken & Rice for almost all of her life. Boston’s can be very gassy and we tried several kinds of food before hearing about NutriSource. She loves it so much we use it as treats! She also loves the chewy salmon treats, great for teaching an old dog new tricks. 

Lindstrom, MN

I have 7 Lab puppies, the mother of the puppies also a Lab and a Corgi. When I just had my Lab I loved this dog food and so did she. Then I moved and couldn't find it. I was so glad when I found it at Critters. My dogs look so much healthier on this food than any other brand!!! I recommend it to everyone I know!! Thank you for a great dog food!! 

Connersville, IN

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much we love the NutriSource Dog Food! We started using it this past winter, after our newly adopted rescue dog, Dexter, started developing chronic ear infections. He also had a nasty habit of eating his own feces. For both of these reasons, someone suggested we try putting him on a grain-free diet. The staff at Chuck & Don's recommended the Lamb Meal and Rice Formula. She also told me that an added benefit of this dog food would be less animal waste to pick up. I frankly didn't believe that part, but was willing to try the product. I am so happy with the results! Not one ear infection since we switched. No more feces eating, and although I had to see it to believe it, there really is less waste. We had tried one other brand of grain-free food first, which was considerably more expensive, and it didn't solve all of our issues. So, to get these wonderful results at a more affordable price is just great news. So, thank you for making a quality product. I don't often write this type of letter, but I am so pleased with your product, I just had to let you know! Thank you. Becky, owner of Sophie, 10 yr. old Miniature Schnauzer and Dexter, 2 yr. old mixed breed Boston Terrier/Schnauzer/etc. 

Lakeville, MN

I just wanted you to know how happy I am that I finally found a dog food that my Boxer can eat. He had suffered for allergies off and on for the last couple of years. I read an article about your company and products and decide to give your grain free a try. Thank goodness not only has his allergies gone, but his skin and coat looks so much better and he has so much more energy, but the best is he loves the taste!!! Thank you for making a great product. 

Athens, AL

First off, I want to tell you how grateful I am for your food; I have tried many brands of dog food, and none of them even come close to comparing to NutriSource, not even the very expensive brands! Your Weight Management literally saved my Miniature Schnauzer's life after he had an attack of pancreatitis, three years ago. Thanks!

Mahtomedi, MN

Our puppy, a 6 month old Cane Corso (Italian Mastiff) had become sensitive to the food we were giving her. After a trip to the Vet, and a suggestion to change her diet, we went to our local pet store.
After consulting with the staff there, and explaining that we wanted a high quality puppy food, NutriSource was suggested to us. The price was better than some other high quality foods, and the quality was as good if not better than we were looking for.
We are relieved to report success in solving our pup's dietary issues. She is back to normal eating and functions again. Thanks for a great product. We look forward to continuing to watch her progress with NutriSource as our food of choice.

Quincy, IL

I just want to extend a huge thank you to your brand of dog food.  We have a 12 year old Blue Heeler who used to get bored of every dog food before the bag was even gone.  I can say we have not switched foods for 3+ years and she still eats her kibble with the same enthusiasm as the same day we started it.  I have maintained our other dogs on the same food with awesome results, a 3 year old German Shorthair Pointer and a 4 year old beagle.  All are healthy, happy and I am a firm believer that NutriSource Grain Free is why.

I have recommended this food to all who listen, my family has switched and also some dear friends who recently lost one of their labs and were scratching their heads with symptoms from the food they were feeding.  Since they switched the symptoms have disappeared and their 12 year old lab is full of energy and improving daily.  You truly cannot appreciate the knowledge of knowing where the ingredients come from and the experience of a family owned business until you switch and see the difference.  So once again Thank you for providing a product that truly exceeded and continues to exceed my expectations for a comprehensive and balanced diet for my fur kids!!!!

Bruceton Mills, WV

I wanted to express my appreciation for the quality of your products.  Since trying samples of your food I have switched all of my pets to PureVita.  I've also had good success with NutriSource, but everyone seems to be doing best eating their own variety of the PureVita.  My kitchen looks like a showroom with Grain Free Turkey (dog and cat), Grain Free Bison (dog), and Chicken and Rice (dog) all lined up for feeding times.  The cats tend to have sensitive stomachs and each of my dogs seems to have an allergy to something, but I've found a happy balance in our current arrangement.  Thanks for producing top-notch pet foods.  Supporting family businesses is important to me.  I prefer to shop at independents and buying your food is working for us!  Thank you!

Portland, OR

I just wanted to write to say thank you for producing a high-quality, delicious food option for my cats. My husband and I have eight cats (two indoor, two outdoor, and four indoor/outdoor). I have been feeding NutriSource products to them since 2011. I noticed immediately that they ate less food, had soft and silky fur, and have not had many medical issues since switching food. I have been very impressed with the results of the food and how our cats have reacted.

In the last year, I have been doing a lot of research on the healthiest foods for our cats. I want to feed my cats the very best food out there. I have determined in my research that grain-free is the way to go for my cats. I was so happy to discover that NutriSource has the PureVita line and my cats love the chicken entrée dry food.

Elmwood, WI

We just want to give a shout out to NutriSource!  We adopted a rescue pup three years ago from WV.  To our surprise, he arrived Parvo positive and then survived!  His digestive system is compromised to say the least.  Since switching to NutriSource 10 months ago, we have had to decrease his daily feedings to compensate for the fact that he is no longer vomiting while on your high quality food.  We have since switched our 6 year old golden, 10 month old Landseer Newf and cats to your brand.  We also had a flea free summer without chemicals!   We are believers!  Keep up the good work.

Cooperstown, NY

I just wanted to say thank you for making such a great pet food. I have four dogs (a Pomeranian, a Corgi mix, and 2 Huskies) and they all eat NutiSource with such enthusiasm. While 2 of my dogs will eat anything, my huskies are a bit pickier. One has some allergy issues and will do a lot of chewing at her paws but this greatly decreases when she is on NutriSource. My other husky is an extremely picky eater. He have tried Origen, Great Life, Taste of the wild (all varieties), Solid Gold, California Natural, cooking boiled eggs and things to put on top of his food to eat to make it more enticing- you name it. With all of them, he will only pick at it for a day or two and then it is a struggle to get him to eat anything. He will literally starve himself for a week or so, going off of just a handful of kibble a day on other things (and he is a 65lb boy - so that's nothing for him). But with NutriSource, he cleans his bowl every meal! I love it! I am so relieved that I found something that they can all enjoy.

Bloomington, MN

One of my four dogs has had horrible skin issues. After multiple vet visits & even changing vets, we tried NutriSource Salmon LID food. I have to say, his skin looks amazing, he's no longer on steroids or antibiotics, and we don't see our vet as often! We have switched all of our dogs to your food, and they all look so much healthier!

Verona, PA

Just wanted to let you know that we are so happy with your food. We have been feeding our dog, Dove, Grain-Free Lamb for about a year now and are thrilled with the nutrition, price and quality - and you're a family-owned company. My husband is a race car driver so we travel quite a bit. Dove comes on the road with us so we always make sure to stock up at Ringer's Pet Dog Training before we hit the road. Thanks for making a great product we can trust.

Sarver, PA

I can't thank you enough for making a quality grain free dog food at an affordable price! I have two amazing rescue dogs who survived abuse and neglect so I have made it my mission to spoil them rotten, starting with quality grain free food. Our dog Chance (Pit Mix) had some serious tummy troubles when we got him and was always itching which lead to him having a thin scratchy coat. I tried all of the big name grain free foods with no improvement. After a short time on NutriSource all of his symptoms went away and his coat is now thicker and shinier. Our other dog Rudy (German Shepard Mix) has made such a quick improvement that her vet and the people at Pet People are both impressed! Her coat is now dandruff free and shiny and her weight is perfect. I feel so much better feeding them a quality dog food from a family owned company! Thank you so much from our little family to yours!

Cincinnati, OH

We have a golden retriever puppy who is now 9 months old, and had some digestive issues for the first 3 months that we had her. We tried lots of different foods, and just couldn't seem to get the right kind of food, with her often having loose stools. I researched quite a bit until I found Nutrisource, and the difference is night and day. She absolutely LOVES this food, runs around like a crazy dog whenever it's time to eat, and she has NEVER had another digestive problem after we found this fantastic brand, and we are now going on about 4 or 5 months of feeding her this food. I can't thank you enough for creating such a fantastic product, we are going to be loyal customers from here on out, THANK YOU!!!!

Fenton, MI

I recently received a bag of Nutrisource seafood dry dog food as a donation at the humane shelter I work at (Humane Animal Treatment Society), and immediately used it for one of our Staffordshire terriers who has had major skin issues and hot spots around her legs and paws. I was delighted by how fast of a turn around there was and just wanted to take some time to let everyone know how much I love your product. Velma was recently adopted to a amazing family and I know that your product played a huge part. She was happier, more energetic and all around a different dog, not to mention how soft and smooth her coat had become. I will soon be switching my own rescue pups over to the Seafood selects after seeing the amazing results. Thank you so much for developing such a wholesome and healthy product. Nutrisource does wonders for all our furry friends. Thanks again and have an amazing day!

Mount Pleasant, MI

I have been feeding my dogs Nutrisource for a couple years. Thanks for creating a reasonably priced high quality grain free food! When my golden retriever was a pup I figured out she's allergic to grains. My dogs were eating Taste of the Wild and used to throw up frequently. I didn't really think too much of it until the recalls. After the recall I switched to Nutrisource and haven't looked back! My two dogs are much healthier and I like the fact that I know where the food is made. I am happy to see you also now have the grain-free dog food! Your company should be proud of what you do. Thanks again!

The food used for both our dogs is the NutriSource Super Premium Pet Foods, Chicken Formula, Grain Free.
We have used the Lamb Formula and the Seafood Formula as well and judging by body language, they prefer the Chicken, with Seafood coming in second.

We have a large male boxer 'Baxter' at 75 pounds and a Great Dane mix 'Eva' at 95 pounds who is the dog I wrote about that you have helped so much.

Hi, my name is Daniel and i was just writing to say thank you. This brand has help my American pit bull terrier recover from a severe food allergy. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to help him with his allergy. His skin was so bad, it was to the point that he had lost most of his fur and his skin was pink and raw from scratching. He had chewed at the base of his tail so much that it was swollen and nearly double the size. I went into the local pet store and they recommended I try the seafood select after informing them that I had tried so many other brands with no results. After just one week I had already noticed results. His skin had started regaining color and fur started growing back. After several months of use he has completely changed. He has grown all his fur back and I have not had any issues with his allergies since. Again i would just like to say thank you, and would like to give recognition to the ladies of Pet Town in Port Orchard. WA. I would love to share some photos of his amazing transformation. I would also enjoy speaking with someone personally and sharing his success. Thank you for your time and the great products.

Port Orchard, WA

I would just like to comment on the quality of your product. It is far superior to other well known brands, and I feel like I am making the right choice for my cats' nutrition by choosing NutriSource. My cats absolutely love it and they appear to be much more active and playful than regular brands where they tend to become lethargic. I will definitely be buying this brand from now on for my five cats.

Whitman, MA

I wanted to take this time to thank you for your quality dog food. My two dogs are dock diving dogs. I had been feeding them another food for the past several years but made the switch to NutriSource this past winter. We have also gone to feeding grain-free. Since making the switch, I have noticed a significant difference in their skin, coat, and endurance during competition weekends. My older dog, Susie, has always been a very athletic Labrador Retriever but at 10, there was a noticeable decline in her performance. She also had a mast cell tumor removed in January. Since switching her to NutriSource, she has earned her 4th consecutive invitation to the DockDogs World Championship, jumped over 20 ft for the first time in two years, and is now the #4 ranked Legend Dog in the World. I attribute this recent resurgent in her performance to our switch to your food. Lacie is my second dog. She is a 3yr old Bernese Mountain Dog mix. She has also demonstrated an improvement in her performance in the pool. She has never been my high profile performance dog historically. This year she has steadily improved her performance in Big Air and has just earned an invitation to the World Championships in Speed Retrieve by taking 1st place in her division at a recent Wild Card event. We love your food and tell all our club members about the progress I have noticed in the girls performance since we switched to NutriSource Grain-Free kibble.

Knoxville, TN

Hello, We've been feeding our dogs (8 yr old Jack Russell and 4 yr old Beagle/Dachshund mix) both the Heartland and Seafood Select recipes for a few years now. We chose your brand because one of our dogs has a joint problem and we wanted something with Omega Fatty Acids. Well, not only did we see an improvement with his leg, but also both their coats were healthier looking, our other dog's digestion problems cleared up and they seem to be just a little bit happier. Not to mention they love eating it. It was only after buying it a few times that I noticed that your food is made in the USA and as both my husband and I are veterans, we love to support companies that in turn support our country. So I just wanted to say thank you and I look forward to feeding my dogs your food for many more years to come!

Converse, TX

I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you what a difference I've seen in our 8 year old Great Dane since feeding your Large Breed Grain Free Nutrisource Food. We've gone through 6 bags now, she eats about 1.5 bags per month. Anyway, her coat is so soft and she barely sheds now. The messes she makes in the backyard are way more manageable than they were before, and she looks healthier! I'm proud to be feeding a local food. I am also very impressed that your food has never had a recall. I'm glad I've found such a great food to feed my "Great" dog. Keep up the good work! I've been telling all my friends to switch to this food. Thank you!

Hammond, WI

We tried various brands of premium food, holistic, organic etc and nothing seemed to help our Bernese Mountain Dog puppy with his digestive track issue his first 6 months. Our local feed store expert recommended that we try "Nutrisource" and it was a miracle. The gas, loose stools, soft serve vanished. His weight, coat and overall appearance greatly improved as well as his energy level. No more Vet visit's w/stool samples trying to figure out how to ger our puppy healthy and happy. Thank you for your wonderful formula and ingredients, there's no works that can express our gratitude.

Superior, CO

For 18 years, I have searched for a Dry Dog Food, which would not cause allergy problems, first, for My Aussie/Mix, now, for my Border Collie. The problems have always been itching, scratching, chewing their paws and shedding! Five weeks ago, I started my Border Collie Dina, on Your NutriSource Grain Free Chicken & Pea Formula. All of Her Allergy Problems, have subsided, and, She has stopped shedding! Best of all, Dina likes the Chicken & Pea Formula! Our Compliments To The Chef.

Hemet, CA

I have a 14 week old GSD. I brought her home from the breeder at 8 weeks old. I started her off on Taste of the Wild puppy food after much research on forums and word of mouth. She was feed mostly Raw/4health kibble from the breeder. When she first arrived she would only smell the TOTW food, and just nibble here and there. I thought it was normal for a puppy to eat this way. She would always finish her 3 bowls a day, but never at once. Just eat here and there all day till it was gone. Almost always having food in her bowl all day. I decided to look into more about the way she was eating her food, and discovered this not to be the way a dog eats their food. So, I began another search for dog food on the same "caliber" as TOTW. I finally stumbled upon NutriSource......and after more research found NutriSource to be a much higher quality kibble. I decided to give it a try this week. I mixed the 30lb new bag of NutriSource with the last 5 pounds of TOTW, and my girl now eats her full 8oz cup 3 to 3.5 times a day in one sitting.


Just wanted to say my 3 yr old Malamute has a very sensitive stomach and he was eating Simply Nourish from PetSmart, well needless to say, they must have changed their product or his stomach just couldn't take it any longer. I switched to your product after reading reviews and I couldn't be happier!! I didn't even transition his food over time, I switched instantly and he has been so happy. This poor dog was so sick diarrhea, lethargic, not eating and such bad gas, I felt horrible for him. I put him on boiled chicken & rice just to keep something in his stomach and he barely touched it. Then I made the switch and was worried since I didn't transition his food, but he transitioned to your food wonderfully and after 2 days, the upset stomach stopped and no diarrhea. We have been using your dog food for about 1 1/2 months now and he has such a healthy coat and his stools have never been this firm. Keep up the good work with your products and you now have a customer for life!

New Castle, PA

Thank you for sending us multiple samples of your NutriSource and Pure Vita dog foods. I had contacted four different companies to ask for a sample so I could make sure my dog would not be allergic to their senior blends. You were the only person to respond.

We conducted taste tests with all of the foods you sent. I would put half a serving of my dog's regular food on the left side of the bowl and half a serving of your food on the right side of the bowl. Day after day and meal after meal, Lucy would eat every morsel of your dog food then back away from the bowl and sit down without eating her old food. I truly could not believe her reaction. We then did a head-to-head competition with each of your blends, and I am happy to say that she ate the senior blend first every time. To make it even better, she had no allergic reaction to the fish in that formula. We have just returned from the store where we purchased our first 18-pound bag of the NutriSource Senior blend -- my girl's new dog food.

Thank you for your exceptional customer service! If not for you responding to my request and going above and beyond to make sure I was able to find a food Lucy liked and could tolerate, we would still be looking for a new senior food for her. I truly appreciate your efforts.

Since switching Rocko and Daisy to Nutrisource we have noticed a significant difference in many aspects of their lives! The quality of the food is much better than what we were feeding before. This resulted in us having to feed much less kibble per meal time. We also noticed a change in their digestive track. We used to constantly battle runny stool with Rocko, but now it's solid, and there is much less of it! One of my favorite things since switching to Nutrisource is how much both Rocko and Daisy's coat has changed! Their coats are now so silky soft and extremely shiny. Shedding has been minimized by half at least! This makes for not only a cleaner house, but also much less use of the lint roller. Overall, Nutrisource has not only made happier, healthier dogs, but also, happier owners! A happy pup makes for a happy home.

This dog food works magic! I have an 11 year old pitbull that was struggling to even jump on the couch. When we made the switch to prairie select we noticed a huge change in her energy and health. They both would let our old brand of food sit in their bowls and we would have to dump the stale food back into the bag. When we made the switch we had to separate their bowls to keep them from eating each others food. They love it and it keeps them active. Thank you for such a great product! We will continue to rave to others about this brand and never have to switch again.

Hillsboro, OR

I just wanted to say thank you for an excellent product. Both of our dogs are older rescues and they love your grain free chicken food. My Stella was on a very poor diet prior to us adopting her. But now she is healthier, and has a healthy shiny coat. Her eyes are brighter and she is much more alert. I can say the same for the beagle that I have had for about 8 years. I thought I was feeding her the best food until my Vet said to switch to your brand. She is a new dog! Thank you very much!

Smithville, NJ

I've been feeding my 3, eight year old mixed breed dogs the Grain Free Chicken and Pea large breed dry food for about a year now. I just realized recently that my white dog, Dunkin, no longer has ugly brown tear stains on his face. I have tried all his life to get rid of them, with different products, and now they finally gone and I can only think it's because of the Nutrisource food. I am thrilled about this. I have also switched the cats to the Pure Vita Chicken and Pea. In the past I had two diabetic cats and always wondered if a poor diet was to blame for it. I feel better that my present cats are eating a high quality food.

Dacula, GA

Dear NutriSource, When I first adopted my Shepard mix Mason 6 months ago he was skin and bones and nothing would put weight on him-high protein, puppy food, nothing worked no matter how much he ate. He also had a bad digestive problem that every food seemed to make worse. I was almost out of hope when a pet store worker suggested your brand for my other dog Georgia, a 4 year old pit mix, who has been on a grain free diet since she was a puppy. The worker suggested large breed puppy food for 9 month old Mason and gave me some free samples. He absolutely loved it and his digestive problems began to go away; no more throwing up or runny doodie issues. Within weeks he had put on 10 pounds,had more energy and didn't need to eat all the time any more. The vet said he was well on his way to filling out and was much healthier than the last visit. And as for Georgia, she doesn't have room emptying gas anymore! Thank you so much for putting REAL and good ingredients in your food. It helped give my Mason a healthy and happy new life and helped Georgia maintain her diet with some new perks. I will continue to feed your products to all my pets in the future and recommend them to everyone!

Medford, OR

We have 2 male, chocolate labs, both 2.5 years old. Since they were puppies, we struggled with feeding time. They did not seem interested in any of the brands we tried (e.g. Blue Wilderness, Science Diet, Purina, Simply Nourish, and several others). I had to sit with them and practically hand feed them to get them to eat. The manager at Neighborhood Pet Market listened to my concerns and suggested NutriSource. I figured why not, I have tried everything else. I cannot thank you enough for this food. From the first meal I served them with NutriSource, they both ate every morsel. I waited to see how long this would last before contacting you. Well, I just purchased my 10th bag of NutriSource food, and they are still very excited at feeding time. Their energy level has increased. Being labs, they always had energy, but now it seems like they just keep going no matter how much exercise we give them. They also seemed to struggle with pooping, but now they have no issues processing NutriSource. In my humble opinion, I think this is the best dog food on the market, and I will be purchasing it for our dogs now and in the future

Prairieville, LA

Eight months ago we purchased a Bernese Mountain dog and the breeder suggested we use NutriSource dog food. Our puppy is doing great so we started feeding the same to our 13yr old golden retriever. Our retriever had many, many dietary issues plus his mobility was deteriorating. Four months on NutriSource and he has been given a new lease on life, no stomach issues and he is running through our woods almost as good as the puppy. Thank you NutriSource!

Grand Haven

I would like to thank Natural Planet for making such an amazing, high quality product. We have two spoiled golden retrievers who have always eaten high quality organic food. Our youngest, Brody (5 years old), has had chronic ear problems since he was a puppy. We tried everything - antibiotics to clear the infections, different foods, ear solution. Finally, the guy at the pet food store recommended your kangaroo and venison kibble. We thought he was crazy - kangaroo?! We ran it by our vet, who also thought it was a good idea to try the food. We couldn't believe the results. Within DAYS, Brody's ears were completely clear. We've never seen them so clean! He's always had soft bowel movements, but they firmed up once he started eating the food. Finally, because of the lean meats, he shed a few pounds that he needed to lose. Our only regret is that we didn't find your product sooner. THANK YOU!

Natural Planet is simply the only food that my pets will eat over every other Quality brand on the market. My go to for any customer's pet is NP Turkey, I rarely get a dog that will refuse it.
I have Portuguese Water Dogs and own a Pet food store that specializes in only Quality pet foods that do not contain wheat, corn or soy.. That said my female became VERY picky during the last 10 days of gestation, I tried every food in my store, Dry, Raw, Canned, Freeze dried every kind of human and baby food. Finally tried NP Chicken and Oats ( not Grain Free but as natural as can be). She wolfed it down like I had been starving her. I'm sure she was thinking really I deserve the Best and Natural Planet is it. Beautiful coats and great stools